Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview: ANC 3E01 Commissioner Beverly Sklover

Beverly Sklover currently serves as ANC 3E01 Commissioner and is running for reelection this November.  She has lived in the American University Park neighborhood for almost 20 years and  substitutes as an art teacher at Janney Elementary School, where her children were once students.

Sklover speaks with great pride about her children, and says that she wants to leave the neighborhood "better or as good for my children, and all the children in the community."

"This is a wonderful neighborhood, where people truly are neighbors to each other," Sklover says, "I can't imagine living anywhere else I would enjoy more."

A Missouri native, Sklover worked for the New York City Department of Planning for six years before earning her law degree from Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.  Sklover says that she'll call upon these various experiences when addressing community issues.

Sklover is particularly pleased that her ANC was able to work with WMATA to make sure that "bumpy tiles" (tiles that alert those with impaired vision where a metro station's platform ends) were installed at the Tenleytown Metro station years ahead of schedule.  She says it serves as one example of the important role the ANC can play in the community.

Sklover says the community is fortunate that many of the issues the neighborhood faces are not "pressing in the greater scheme of things," but she cites aging-in-place, traffic and development as concerns she will continue to address as ANC Commissioner.

Former ANC 3E Chair Amy McVey says, "Beverly's diligence, ethical and effective work habits have and will continue to be an asset to all in our community.  She demonstrates very creative problem-solving ideas and is able to energize a group of people like no one else."

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