Saturday, November 13, 2010

UDC Farmers' Market Ends Its 2010 Season

Today, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) hosted its last farmers' market scheduled for 2010.

"It was a marvelous season, and I look forward to this continuing next year," market organizer Dr. Gloria S. Wyche-Moore said. "I want to thank the community for embracing us, and hopefully our patrons will continue to support us."

The farmers' market is scheduled to reopen in late April or early May, depending upon when next season's produce is ready for sale.  The market is a partnership between UDC's College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences and the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association.  In 2010, seven  Hispanic farmers sold their produce at the market.

In addition, other vendors sold beef, chicken and spinach empanadas, breads, cupcakes, muffins and other pastries, and an assortment of homemade jams and jellies.

Robin Johnson's red onion marmalade, hot pepper jelly, and fig jam have become popular items at the market.  Ms. Johnson began selling her jams and jellies a year ago after she received encouragement from her friends, many of whom had asked her informally to cater functions at their homes.

"I never planned on making food for a living, but I loved to cook, and more importantly I loved to eat. I hope that is reflected in what I make," Ms. Johnson said.

If you are a vendor looking to participate in the market, please contact Percy Williams or Rosalind Parker at (202) 255-3630.  

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