Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interview: ANC 3F01 Candidate Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel, a public and environmental finance consultant, is a 15-year resident of the neighborhood and currently running as a candidate for ANC 3F01.  This morning, he was campaigning near Murch Elementary School.

School issues are a priority for Mr. Siegel, who is the parent of two DCPS students and an 11-year volunteer soccer coach.  He is also a member of the School Modernization Committee, which secured $1.5 billion in capital funds for modernization efforts.

He is also focused on development and promoting walkable communities.

"Traffic and development go hand in hand," Mr. Siegel said, "I'd like to see more attention to heavily crossed walks made safer for pedestrians, particularly during rush hours and school release times."

When asked why he was running for election, Mr. Siegel said, "Two fine commissioners are retiring, and they have done a lot to put the ANC on the right track.  I decided it was my time to step forward and continue their work and progress."

Jane Solomon is one of the commissioners who is retiring.  She has served as ANC 3F's Vice Chair and Treasurer.  She said, "Mike's background is a huge asset.  He's been active in this neighborhood for a long time.  I'm concerned that the other candidate, Adam Tope, has no track record in our community."

Retiring ANC 3F01 Commissioner Susan Banta also endorsed Mr. Siegel.

You can read an interview with ANC 3F01 candidate Adam Tope here.

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